UltraFantasy Sex Dolls is a wholesaler for retailers and clients who want to order real life silicone sex dolls made from the highest quality manufacturers on the market. Our aim is to provide a pleasant environment for our clients to explore the possibilities of silicone dolls. We ship fast. We ship globally.

UltraFantasy Sex Dolls is a online marketplace where open-minded people can explore Real-Life silicone dolls. Our goal is provide a great customer experience, so much so that our return client percentage is almost at 80% and climbing. Our Gallery shows how far you can go with UltraFantasy Sex Dolls. The possibilities are limitless! While picking the dolls you like the most, you can get inspired for new adventures.

Our dolls are state-of-the-art realistic! Equipped with a metal skeleton, super soft silicone skin and a strikingly realistic face, UltraFantasy Sex Dolls can easily be mistaken for a real human. The softness of the silicone used differs in some areas just like a human body. Our specialist have adjusted softness to the extend where our dolls not only have the looks but also feel like a real human being.


Skeleton: UltraFantasy Sex Dolls have a metal hyper-anatomical frame skeleton structure. Flexibility exceeds that of a real human body in order to prevent breakage. The anatomical design takes into consideration the sensitivity of the silicone and TPE while sustaining high durability and elasticity.

Skin: The skin used for our dolls is made from medical grade silicone and TPE with very high elasticity that makes it seem absolutely soft and real. Use of a jelly-type silicone in the breast area of sex dolls with allows for added softness. Use of TPE for the overall coverage helps durability as TPE strength exceeds that of silicone. All efforts have been directed towards making UltraFantasy Sex Dolls’ skin realistic and magically soft.

Breasts: Made out of soft medical grade silicone, Elegant Love Dolls’ breasts are a work of art. Very realistic with the soft touch of a realike breast, these babies can be easily mistaken for real. Shaping has been done by a team of designers following the latest trends in plastic surgery. In order to get the best results, we’ve used casting of actual human breasts.

Head: Made out of TPE, Elegant Love Dolls’ heads are flexible and realistic. Made interchangeable, our polygenic clients can enjoy the benefit of changing the personality of their doll. In a single step the head can be removed and changed. Make-up can be applied easily and removed in the same manner. The oral whole is neatly hidden behind a lovely smile.